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Linear Video Editing

This traditional form of video editing involves arranging video clips in a sequential order on a timeline. Once a clip is placed, it cannot be modified without affecting subsequent clips. Linear editing was prevalent in older analog systems, but it's now largely replaced by non-linear editing.

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Ecommerce Development

We give you a host of features to manage your ecommerce development. From social media integration, custom shopping cart, Secure payment gateway, custom admin panel to security. maintenance, migrations and much more. We do it all.

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Montage Editing

Montage editing involves combining short, quick shots or clips to convey a series of events or ideas in a condensed and impactful manner. This style is often used to create fast-paced and emotionally charged sequences.

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Crosscutting/Parallel Editing

This technique involves alternating between two or more related storylines happening simultaneously. It builds tension and highlights the connection between different events or characters.

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